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XJX Parts, as a professional manufacturer of standard differentials, is committed to providing products that completely replace the original differentials. We understand that for standard differentials it is critical to maintain consistency in all parameters, specifications, dimensions, and appearance.

Deep understanding of the mechanism and process of the original standard differential

higher service life and reliability

Consistent Parameters and Metrics

Our standard open differential fully matches the original differential, keeping all parameters and indicators consistent. Whether it is size, gear ratio, torque distribution, or other key performance indicators, we ensure that the product is exactly like the original.

Perfect match and replacement

Our standard open differentials are designed to exactly match the original installation locations and interfaces, ensuring a simple and seamless replacement installation. Without any additional modifications or adjustments, they can be perfectly adapted to the vehicle’s existing system and restore the original performance.

Beyond the service life of the original

We are committed to providing a service life that is better than the original. Through precision manufacturing and reliability testing, our standard differentials are able to withstand higher loads and maintain long-term reliability, providing vehicles with long-lasting performance and handling.

Compatible With A Wide Range Of Vehicle Models

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Why It's Worth Choosing Us

We choose high-quality materials and adopt advanced production technology to ensure the reliability and durability of our standard open differentials. Our differentials undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure stable performance and durability.

Choose us as your standard open differential supplier. You will get the same product as the original and enjoy higher service life and reliability.

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