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XJX Parts started the business about 26 years ago. We are the main manufacturer of auto final drives in our country. Our main products include various auto final drives and related spare parts. Since its inception, our company has been paying high attention to quality control, R&D, and customer service.

We’ve been making investments in advanced equipment as well as adopting state-of-the-art technology these years. Therefore, we have obtained a good reputation among our customers, suppliers, and rivals. Currently, our products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. If you are in need of auto final drives with state-of-the-art technology, you are welcome to contact us for inquiries and further information.

Expert In Differential


In our factory, we are equipped with advanced processing equipment, such as CNC lathes and grinders. These machines are able to precisely machine the individual parts of the differential to ensure its accuracy and consistency. Through advanced automation technology, we can efficiently complete production tasks and ensure the precision and quality of products.

cnc machining

gear production

Shell production


Multiple Quality Control Inspections Before Delivery

Quality Assurance

We also have dedicated testing equipment and inspection instruments, such as differential dynamic test benches, gear measuring instruments, and dimension measuring instruments. These devices are able to conduct comprehensive performance and quality inspections on differential products to ensure that they meet stringent standards and requirements. We pay attention to the quality control of each link and continuously improve our production process to improve product quality and reliability.

Fulfill Your Custom Need

Customized Solutions


Faced with various complex driving environments and needs, your refitting customers need customized electronic differential products to meet different refitting requirements.


We will work closely with you to learn more about your customer needs and retrofit requirements. Based on these needs, we provide customized differential solutions. Our professional team will design and adjust according to all the essentials, ensuring that all differentials can be perfectly adapted to various refitting projects.


We believe that our customized differential product will boost your business. We would love to establish a long-term partnership with your as a distributor and provide excellent products and support through continuous technical support and after-sales service.
We love to meet our business partners and help you actualize your design concepts. We also offer you very attractive rates for differentials or lockers.

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