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With our extensive experience and expertise, we specialize in customizing differential products for our customers. Whatever standard differentials,
limited slip differentials, or locking differentials, we will always provide professional solutions for you.

LSD Differential With Preload

Locking Rate: 45%-80%

Snap-In Electric Locking Differential

Locking Rate: maxinum 100%

Air Locking Differential

Locking Rate: maxinum 100%

LSD Differential Without Preload

Locking Rate: 45%-54%

Electric Locking Differential

Locking Rate: maxinum 100%

Automatic Locking Differential

Locking Rate: 45%-100%
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LSD differentials & lockers Manufacturer

Wholesale Manufacturing

We have implemented strict quality control processes to ensure consistent and reliable product quality. From material procurement to manufacturing, we carefully manage every step to ensure that all materials used meet international standards and industry requirements.

During production, we utilize advanced equipment and technologies, combined with a skilled workforce, to ensure precise manufacturing and high-quality products.

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As a professional manufacturer of differential products, XJX Parts is committed to delivering excellent product quality.

Recognizing the importance of quality products to our customers, we continuously improve and optimize our quality control processes, enhance our production capabilities, and elevate our technical expertise to meet customer needs and expectations.

Quality is our core value, and we will continue to strive for excellence, continuously improve product quality, and provide customers with exceptional differential products, ensuring they enjoy optimal performance and reliability during their drives.

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quality services, guaranteed

XJX Parts is committed to providing top-quality differential products and excellent services. We understand the importance of product quality to you and promise to deliver superior pre-sales consultation, and after-sales support to ensure your satisfaction.

Our team consists of experienced professionals dedicated to answering your questions, providing technical assistance, and offering personalized solutions. We also offer flexible logistics and delivery options to accommodate your needs. No matter where you are, we can provide timely and reliable services, ensuring all products are delivered on time.


Multiple Quality Testing

During the production, there will be multiple crucial tests, including tests for strength to ensure the product’s durability and stability under different conditions, tests for friction to verify the coefficient and performance, and tests for dimensions to ensure accuracy and compatibility.

All our advanced testing devices can conduct comprehensive performance and quality inspections to ensure that every differential product you receive will meet high standards and reliability requirements.

professional packing & shipping

Our team will design and customize packaging solutions to accommodate the dimensions and characteristics of different products.

Whether for domestic transportation or international logistics, we strictly adhere to standardized packaging procedures to ensure product integrity throughout the shipping.

Our team will also select the optimal transportation methods and routes based on customer requirements and destination characteristics, ensuring timely delivery.


custom production

Customized Limited slip differential to your need


Offering options for key component materials to meet your specific requirements.


Upgrade functions deliver enhanced performance and functionality.


Redesign the structure of products according to your specifications.


Showcase your logo or design in a unique style to boost your brand.

Grow Your Profits And Fulfill Your Custom Need.

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FAQs about

Wholesaler Business

We are a professional manufacturer of differential products, offering high-quality, reliable, and high-performance products. We know differentials better, and can meet your needs and provide customized solutions, comprehensive support, and excellent after-sales service.

For sample, we usually charge an original price, and the transport fee should be paid by buyer. But, don’t worry, we will refund the payment for sample when you place official order.

From producing to testing, from packing to shipping, our sales team will make a progress report for you every week and send pictures and videos for your reference. So that you can know every step clearly.

We welcome you to become a distributor in your country. Your orders will be processed and shipped first. We will provide full support to you, including price discounts, pre-production, reasonable payment term, sampling, bid, exhibitions in your country.

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We love to meet our business partners and help you actualize your design concepts. We also offer you very attractive rates for differentials or lockers.

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