Honda plans to spend $180 million expansion engine plant in the United States

Honda has announced that it would spend $215 million for a seat in the United States engine plant in Ohio expansion, build two training center at the same time.

Honda will show its factory in Ohio’s Anna (Anna) invested $180 million for expansion, to expand produces aluminum die casting and for Honda Earth Dreams Technology (Earth dream Technology) engine parts. In the past three years, Honda has factory invested $500 million to Anna, straight for the production of the new engine and used in the automatic transmission pulley block.

Honda north American companies, senior vice President Rick Schostek, says Anna factory four engine production only a few years ago, the factory will soon begin production engine, and will be completed by the new training center to improve employee’s work efficiency.

In addition, Honda has begun in April in maris, building a new training center near (Marysville) and office space, building area of 16 square feet. The project will cost $35 million, is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014, the purpose is to support for the company in North America service to restructure.

It is understood that in the past three years, Honda has accumulated to North America invested $2.7 billion, including more than 1 billion dollars into the Ohio.

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