BMW plans to launch the hydrogen fuel cell car perfect lineup of new energy products

In a few days ago in the first half of BMW group financial report meeting, BMW CEO norbert reithofer said that the future will launch a hydrogen fuel cell car, from the Angle of range, improve the new energy product lineup, with electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Reithofer said BMW’s newly released i3 electric cars, future applications mainly for urban areas; As greater product range, BMW will launch a plug-in hybrid, the second product I brands such as BMW i8; Demand for travel longer, BMW is exploring a series of solutions, such as hydrogen fuel cell, motor, etc.

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Because hydrogen fuel energy density is high, more than lithium-ion battery electric vehicle, and hydrogen fuel cell car has a larger range. In January of this year, BMW and Toyota signed a cooperation agreement, the scope of the joint development including hydrogen fuel cells.

In recent years, many domestic automakers to hydrogen fuel cells. In February this year Daimler cooperation with ford, Renault nissan decided to the development of fuel cell vehicles; In the same month hyundai ix35 the first batch of fuel cell production version; Toyota also announced that next year’s fuel-cell cars listed; July, gm and Honda alliance developing fuel cell technology.

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